Alternator & Starter Repairs

Oil Change


Idler Pulleys

Hose Repair or Replacement

Pre-service / trip inspection

A/C Water leak Repairs

Custom Design & Modification

Custom Return Air Filters






AT ACAPS, our technicians can diagnose and repair your vehicle’s refrigeration units on time and at a fair price.

How can we help you with your refrigeration needs?

We Can Provide:-

•     Fault Diagnosis & repairs

•     12V & 24V systems

•     Full installation services

•     Hose & Piping repairs and replacement

•      Scheduled maintenance packages to suit your requirements

•      Fixed price servicing and contract maintenance

•      Onsite servicing

•      Pre-service / trip inspection

•      Breakdown repairs

We also provide workshop based and mobile servicing to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. 

Contact Us,  to see how we can assist you with your refrigeration needs.