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Idler Pulleys

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Reconditioned parts come from a used vehicle &ideally, these parts are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

In the process of reconditioning, it is fully cleaned, serviced and upgraded to optimum working order.  A reconditioned part is essentially a recreation of the original; it has been fully tested for safety and function, deemed to be of high quality and therefore fit for sale.

Reconditioning extendsthe lifetime of the parts and minimises the cost of unexpected repairs. 

These parts go through a stringent quality assurance and safety check before being sold. Reconditioned parts are recognised as being of comparable quality and functionality as the original parts.

We can recondition parts including

•     Compressors

•     Motors

•     Clutches

•     Idler Pulleys

•     Alternators

•     Starter Motors & More

Contact us, to see how we can assist you with your Reconditioning needs.